Assam tours and Experiencing Adventure Sports

India is finally waking up to the vast potential of the North East India states. The exotic paradise is fast becoming the new adventure playground of the country. Among the states, Assam has a mesmerising landscape. The beauty of the land, the brimming rivers and exotic terrain calls out to sports enthusiasts.

Adventure unlimited

The adventure sports lovers are are yet to explore the terrain be it land or water. Assam the land of Red rivers and Blue hills offers unlimited adventure for seekers of thrill. Several adventure activities are available here. Adventure seekers can enjoy trekking and river rafting. The tour operators associated with Assam Holidays can best guide you for any adventure here.

The Mountains are Calling

For exploring the beauty of the land trekking is the best option. The best places for trekking can be the Karbi hills and the Cachar hills during the months of April to October. Tour operators arrange eco camps and provide sports enthusiasts with basic amenities. Anyone can enjoy the experience. Informed guides accompany newcomers to guide them and make the trip enjoyable. The Elephant Rock is the most sought-after place among the climbers.

Parasailing: The sky beckons

Assam offers some of the best views for parasailers. The sport is fast gaining popularity in Assam. Sports enthusiasts can opt for parasailing in large open places in the northern part of Guwahati city. Hang gliding is also popular but depends on the climatic conditions in this part. Lovers of hang gliding can explore the Kamakhya hills and the hills around the Kaziranga forest.

River Rafting in Assam

River rafting in some of the major tributaries is a thrill to be treasured. A tour in North Eastern India is incomplete without exploring the Brahmaputra River. Assam Holidays tour operators are available to make the necessary arrangements for the sport. You can experience River rafting in the Subansiri and Jia Bharali rivers.

Boat Racing and Angling

The experience of the rivers in Assam is complete only after experiencing boat racing and angling. To be a part of the thrill you can visit Hajo, Sualkuchi, Barpeta, or be right in the city in Guwahati. Annual races are organized on Brahmaputra, Manas, Jia Bhoroli and Kapili rivers. So be sure to ask your tour operator to include these in your plans. The rivers Jia Bhoroli, Kapil and Manas are best for angling.


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