Street food in Shillong is spicy, sweet and yummy

If you simply freak out at the thought of exotic street food then cajole your tour operators to head for Shillong. The Scotland of the East offers a feast for the eyes and stomach literally. Let us take a culinary trip down the winding streets.

Street food in Police Bazaar

The Police Bazaar is the central point in Shillong packed with shops and malls and thousands of street food vendors. Breakfast here is either a plate of puris you eat with potato curry or a plate of fried Shillong style noodles with chopped onions. And you can round it off with fried golden eggs dusted with red chilly powder. Want to take a fruit break? Indulge in oranges, bananas, strawberries and pineapples the stalls offer. Come evening and lo! The coal ovens and local barbeques sell delicious grilled meat and kebabs.

Khasi Cuisine

The taste of Khasi cuisine is not to be found elsewhere. So eat and stuff yourself while here. Khasi cuisine gives off a smoky smell of mustard oil, bay leaves, garam masala and pepper.

Taste in Trattoria

You have to walk to reach Trattoria in a busy lane of Police Bazaar. It will be worth it as it sells the best Jadoh with Pork Curry, Meghalaya’s signature street food dish. Trattoria is a simple place. The seating plan is much like a school. The Khasi dish is a biryani made from the aromatic short grained Joha Rice. The distinctly flavoured sticky rice goes well with meat. The marinated rice and pork is fried along with spices. Then boiled in warm water to get the right consistency.

Police Bazaar and Red Rice

Red Rice in Police Bazaar serves Chinese and Khasi dishes. Do try the Khasi speciality Doh Kleih that is actually steamed pork stir-fried lightly with onion and green chilly.

Foodies love Laitumkhrah

The Jadoh in Jadoh is always packed with students. The rates are comfortable. Jadoh is located opposite to Don Bosco Museum. You eat the Jadoh here with Tungtap paste. Tungtap is a mash of dried fish, green and red chilly and onions.

Cafe Shillong

Cafe Shillong offers food flavoured with music! The famous rock tunes of the rock capital of North East. You can try out Khasi dishes and also others here. The Nagaland dish, Chicken Bastenga is a steamed chicken curry with fermented bamboo shoots. The fiery Bhoot Jolokia spices up the curry. Be sure to gobble down scoops of ice cream to douse the fire!

Dylan’s Cafe off the Highway

Love dancing? Head for Dylan’s Cafe off the highway.The ambience is hip and a must visit here. You will love the decor with Old Polydor long-playing records hanging from the roof. Bob Dylan’s album covers framed along the wall. The is a tribute to Bob Dylan. Patrons can paint the ceiling with graffiti. A most creative place.

Delhi Misthan Bhandar

For all things, north Indian head for Delhi Misthan Bhandar Delhi Misthan Bhandar is the goto place for hot jalebis, samosas and other savouries since 1930. In 2008 The sweet shop made it to the Limca Book of records with the largest jalebi fried.

Bread Cafe in Police Bazaar

This first-floor cafe is right opposite Red Rice in Police Bazaar. The go-to place for cakes and bakes.

Swish Cafe in Laitumkhrah

The Banana Split in Swish Cafe in the Laitumkhrah is a must eat. The first ever cafe for coffee in Shillong. The first-floor seating offers views of the road below. Life is good with coffee, cakes and banana splits.

Little Chef Cafe in Laitumkhrah

If you are with kids then I would suggest Little Chef Cafe in Laitumkhrah as the go-to joint. The kids and well others too love the rich brownie. Have it plain or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Vegetarian food

Police Bazaar has great places for Indian thalis. Check out:Hotel Centre Point, Madras Cafe, QZine, or City Hut Dhaba and of course Delhi Misthan Bhandar.


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