Dawki:Boat ride on the crystal waters of Umngot river

A trip to Meghalaya is really worthwhile only when you travel 80 km from Shillong to Dawki bordering Tamabil, Bangladesh. The small sleepy town in the West Jaintia hills is the last Indian post on the road connecting to Sylhet in Bangladesh.

Green waters of Umngot at Dawki

Dawki would just be ignored except for the emerald colours of the Umngot River. Anyone who has been here will remember the green valleys, undulating hills, and gushing waterfalls. The experience is only complete with a boat ride on the crystal clear Umngot River.

Boat Ride in Umngot, near Dawki

Travellers can enjoy a boat ride just before entering Dawki town. The rides start at a point where the river diverges partly towards Bangladesh and a narrow rocky strip divides the two neighbours. The experience of the mesmerizing sunset is to be seen to be believed.

Boat Ride in Umngot, Shnongpden

You have to drive down further to Shnongpden village by the river for the boat ride. The long dinghy’s take about 4 to 5 passengers at a time. The going rate of Rs 100 per head for about 45 minutes along the river is worth it.
The wooden boats are quite comfortable and life jackets make you feel safe. The boatmen know all the right spots. It is amazing how the water is crystal clear with clear reflections. You can see the stones and underwater plants right through up to tens of feet.

Of bridges and ziplining

A hanging metal bridge adds character to the scenario and is great as a tourist attraction. A little further down you can notice the ziplining adventure activity. The more adventurous may also stay the night at tents set up along the riverside. Be sure to talk with your tour operators about that. Further down the river takes you through canyons and narrow gorges. But what holds your attention is the clear reflection of the passing boat on the waters. You will like the sight of lone fishermen waiting for the prized catch.
It takes 25 minutes to reach the source of the river Umngot and every minute is beautiful.

Tips for first timers

Dawki can be clubbed as a day trip from Shillong along with Mawlynnong the cleanest village in India. You can choose the camping in Dawki at Shnongpden of an overnight stay in Mawlynnong. Contact Assam Holidays tour operators for planning this trip or visit the website


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