The gateway to the North-Eastern States Guwahati is Situated on the Southern Bank of the mighty Brahmaputra river the son of Brahma. A reference of Guwahati has been mentioned in Kalika puran and Mahahbharata. In history, Guwahati was identified as ‘Pragjyotispura’ meaning the ‘light of the East ‘. The Present Name Guwahati is apparently derived from ‘Guwai’ and ‘Hatt’ that mean batalnut market. Dispur the capital of Assam is in the heart of this city and it is a principal center of socio-culture , political , industrial , trade and commerce of the entire region . The largest Tea Auction market in India lies in Guwahati.

Places of Interest in Guwahati:

Kamakhya Temple

Sukreshwar Temple

Bashistha Ashram

Shankardev Kalakshetra

Peacock Island / Umananda Temple

River cruise on Brahmaputra

State Museum

State Zoo cum Botanical Garden


Dighali Pukhuri


Nabagraha Temple

Tirupati Balaji Temple

State Emporiums

Nehru Park

Places of Interest near Guwahati:



Madan Kamdev

Pobitora National Park

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