Sonitpur, as ancient Tezpur was known in the olden days is a city steeped in Mythology, legend and folklore. The “city of Blood” (Sonit- Blood pur-city) conjures up images of the romantic legend of Usha and Anirudha and of the fierce battle between “Hari” and “Hara”.

The ruins and remains of Agnigarh where the immortal romance blossomed and stands testimony to the eternal time.

Situated on the North Bank of Brahmaputra, present Tezpur town of Magnificent scenic beauty and exquisite archaeological ruins is headquarter of Sonitpur District. With snow-capped peaks of Himalaya as the northern backdrop, lush tea gardens and magnificent archaeological ruins have all contributed to make Tezpur a tourist delight.

Places of Interest in Tezpur:

Da Parbatia


Bamuni Hills

Cole park


Padum Pukhuri

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